Coinbase is driving people to learn about cryptocurrencies, by rewarding their studies

Coinbase has a great idea, how to make more popular to learn about cryptocurrencies for people. Their strategy is simple: paying them studies on crypto.

Coinbase stated on Wednesday, that it was launching its own system, Coinbase Earn. In this system, Coinbase users can earn 0x tokens by doing different educational tasks. For example watching videos and taking quizzes. At the beginnings, platform is invite-only, but anyone can sign up to a waiting list.

two person learning front of two computers - coinbase

Basically, anyone can access the educational content. This is not a requirement to be a part of the Coinbase Earn platform, based on a press release.


The website did a survey with their customers, and also non-customers, and said that: “one of the biggest barriers for people to explore a new digital asset is the lack of knowledge about that asset.”.

“Many of the people we spoke to expressed a strong desire to begin learning about new and different crypto assets beyond bitcoin, but didn’t know where to begin,” they added.

Coinbase said, Earn is an alternative to mining or purchasing cryptocurrencies for users who want to join the world of cryptocurrencies.

The statement explained:
“Mining cryptocurrency typically means high setup costs and technical knowledge, while buying cryptocurrency requires disposable income to exchange for cryptocurrencies, which limits access.”

Another good point, users only need a smartphone or laptop to acquire tokens in the Earn program. At the launch, users can earn only 0x, but Coinbase said, they are planning to add more cryptocurrencies. And also later more support with more content.

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