The number of Cryptocurrency Mining Malwares are increased more than 4000% in 2018

The activity of cryptojacking malwares are increased by more than 4000% in 2018 McAfee Labs, the cyber security firm reported, on Dec. 18.

New type of malwares

The new malware, called cryptojacking, basically using a computer’s processing power. The problem is, the malware use it without the permission of the owner to mine for cryptocurrencies. The statistic shows 4000% increasing the total number of a cryptojacking malware based on the study as “coin miner.”

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The article is talking about a wide range of new crypto mining malwares. This includes a new malware targeting Internet of Things (IoT) devices:

“New [mining] malware targeting IoT devices grew 72%, with total malware growing 203% in the last four quarters. New coinmining malware grew nearly 55%, with total malware growing 4,467% in the last four quarters.”

Another problem

Also the report claim that, the increased number of IoT-targeting threats is a surprise. This is not usual because of the low CPU processing power of the devices. Furthermore, the report said, “cybercriminals have taken notice of the growing volume and lax security of many IoT devices and have begun to focus on them, harnessing thousands of devices to create a mining super-computer.”.

A security researcher at McAfee, Remco Verhoef, also highlighted the risk for a MacOS users. With a new crypto mining malware threat – later added OSX.Dummy – which was distributed on mining chat groups. The malware allegedly is spreading to users on Slack, Telegram and Discord channels, like they download software “to fix crypto problems.” After the download, the fake software start to “executes with a single line in Bash”:

“The users essentially infected their own devices instead of falling victim to an unknown exploit or an exploit kit. In execution, OSX.Dummy opens a reverse shell on a malicious server, giving an attacker access to the compromised system.”

Warning signs

Also a report from McAfee Labs, but from earlier, is indicateing a huge increase of cryptojacking’s number. In the first quarter of 2018, it was 629%. In december, Kaspersky Lab, another cyber security research firm, stated that cryptojacking now the top cybersecurity threat in some parts of the world, overtaken ransomware.

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