Bitcoin : $ 4.3 million worth are planned to be auctioned

In the U. S.  the Marshals service are planning to auction approximately 660 bitcoin in november. The worth of this amount is approximately $4.3 million.

Where is this bitcoin come from

Earlier this week The Marshals said in a statement, the amount of the auction will be around 660 BTC. The cryptocurrencies forfeited in civil and administrative cases, furthermore in several federal criminal cases.

The auction

Bitcoin auction
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

The participants have to deposit $200,000 at the time of registration. The deadline to register is October 31. The planned date for the auction is November 5.

The announcement says, they will auction six blocks of 100 BTC each, and the remaining 60 BTC will be the last. Once the bidders made their offers they won’t be able to cancel or modify it, and they can’t see the other bids.

The auction agency mentioned that in several recent cases bitcoin and other assets forfeited. One of this case is the U.S. government against Theresa Tetley and Thomas Mario Costanzo, both of them are on charges of bitcoin money laundering.

The auction will be in next month, right after two successful auctions in the past. The U.S Marshals sold 2100 bitcoin in March and 3600 in January, total amount of $50 million on the spot.

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