Shared Masternode service by Westake

Westake is a project promising us the easiest way to invest in shared masternode.

Global presentation

Opening, the first thing appearing is a useful calculator showing us how much we can earn with a certain amount invested. After closing this window, we arriving on the home page. There we can find an introduction video about the masternodes, shared masternodes and the main benefits of the project. Also we can find the cryptocurrencies what we can invest on the website. Unlike most of its competitors Westake offering us the most stable and well known masternode : Dash. Next to it, we can find ZCoin, Deviant coin, Bitcoin Green, Pivx and Bulwark. In addition to the usual informations, such as the roadmap FAQ, we can find the blog of the project, their own internal exchange platform, the running masternodes and some explanation about the security.

Offered services

The primary way to invest on Westake is the shared masternode service. We can find also single masternode option, or the unusual, but promising instant investment.
We all know shared masternodes and how it works, and this is the same for single masternodes. Instant investment is basically a shared masternode, but without Pool waiting time, and minimum duration.


Westake’s pricing is simple; you don’t have to pay for packages. The team is taking a percentage from the generated rewards. With basic shared masternode the fees are at 5% of the reward, with the instant investment they are at 15%, and there are no fees applied on full masternode.

Design of Westake : shared masternode service

Picture of the main page of Westake Shared Masternode service

For the first impression we can see, the design of the website is well thought and user friendly. We can find all of the main informations about the project. The colors, pictures, video and logos used on the website make the visit really pleasant. Next to the main page of the project, the design of its own blog is similarly enjoyable for the eye. Next to the fact, it’s not talking about only the project, also giving us some information about shared masternode and bitcoin.

Social medias and community

The website provides us three social media pages, an email address, plus the blog of Westake. On the blog, we can find two more social media pages, so all together Westake providing us five possibilities to join their community.
Not surprisingly, the Twitter account have the biggest activity, but we also have to mention all of the other platforms, how there is at least a small presence of Westake.

Twitter: 120 followers and 66 tweets and weekly few posts. Important to mention here, we can find a video from a popular page, talking about Westake and its services.

Facebook: the page have 15 likes  one review with 5 stars and the last post from december

Instagram: 61 followers and 9 posts

Discord: a really small activity with only 3 users, 2 constantly online

Youtube: the project have also a youtube channel where we can find the introduction videos


Overall, the site offering several shared masternodes incoulded Dash, and some cheaper options. The prices are deducted from your rewards – passive income -, so there is no extra costs for the users.
Important to keep in mind related the community, the project is very young, so it can give us the answer about the small numbers on the social medias.
Despite the young age, the project is very promising, with a lot of nice ideas and a well designed website, small activity on the social medias, but a well known page talking about it with a good impression.

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