The Crypto startup enter new area

In the United Kingdom, a cryptocurrency startup, LIFElabs, is signing a contract with a professional golf tournament. The goal for this young company is to be an official sponsor.

A way of popularization for the startup is a philanthropy-oriented cryptocurrency startup. The company decided to join other firms, such as Adidas or TaylorMade and Ladbrokes. The young society would like to be an official sponsor for the Sky Sports British Masters golf tournament.

Also, as part of the arrangement, LIFElabs gives 10,000£ for the player who complete first the 9th whole. Moreover, for charitable purposes the startup will give an additional amount : 10,000£. The European Tour Foundation and the Cancer Research UK will share this amount.

Then, the 2013 U.S. Open champion, Justin Rose, will host this event. It will take place between 11th and 14th of October in Walton Heath Golf Club.

Great cooperation

Max Hamilton is the head of the commercial partnership at European Tour. And he says, he was glad to welcome the new sponsor LIFElabs. According to him, the company is “a progressive business and a great fit for the Sky Sports British Masters.”

Luke Chittock is the CEO of LIFElabs. And he has a similar point of view – about the new sponsorship agreement-. In fact, he said, this is an investment, notably “invest in the future of humanity,”. Then he added: “We know that sport brings people together in a completely unparalleled way,”

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