Shared masternodes services: Simple Pos Pool vs MnWorld

You are interested in Shared Masternodes services, but you don’t know where to invest? Our article will allow you to see more clearly between two competitors of Shared Masternodes: Simple Pos Pool and MnWorld.

Comparison of general information

SimplePosPool made a small effort regarding the main information about the project. We can find only two information sections – Intro and About us. Although they are present, they give some information, and we do not know the members of this project.

MnWorld, has a big update. The site now has multiple topics. Now, the website has a simple home page. With some important informations and a menu bar to navigate on the page. Furthermore, it give us some informations about the community. Unlike the old version, this time, MnWorld has decided to unveil its development team. Without the possibility of obtaining information, the site nonetheless reveals the names and functions of its creative team.

In conclusion, MnWorld, following the refurbishment of its site, stands out very clearly from SimplePosPool. We can find a section dedicated to the development team, which is not the case of its competitor.

The Masternodes

Both competitors are very strong in the offer of Masternodes available.

MnWorld has once again benefited from its update to implement new corners in its service. With over 79 active Masternodes, for 38 different coins, the choice is wide. Even ranking among the competitors holding the best offers.
Second, Simple Pos Pool is slightly below. With a varied choice among 34 currencies, the latter demonstrates an equally impressive service. We do not know how many Masternodes are in use. But the available information already shows us that SimplePosPool lives up to its competitor.


The prices are applied the same way in these two services.

MnWorld gets paid with the “Fees”. That is a reward based on the incomes generated by the users. On the other hand, the pricing is more complex than it seems. Indeed, depending on the coins, the fees are not at the same rate. Fees from 5% to 8%, the majority of them are around 5%.

Simple Pos Pool, it is more simple with its tariffs, and also less expensive. The section “About us” give us all the information explicitly. The company earns a percentage of the profits of the investments generated by investors – 1% until the end of 2018 and 3% from 2019. There is also an affiliate system that you can find more in detail through our article dedicated to Simple Pos Pool.

In conclusion, SimplePosPool is much more accessible than its competitor in terms of price despite a very similar offer of Masternodes.

Design and UI

This is probably an important point of differentiation between MnWorld and Simple Pos Pool. Here, no doubt it will be a question of “taste and color”.

MnWorld, following its update, has an interface and a global design almost irreproachable. Despite a slightly aggressive blue, the site is beautiful and we feel that the development team worked on it.

Homepage MNWorld masternodes

Simple Pos Pool, meanwhile, provided an effort on design and UI, with a streamlined user interface. Logos are representing the cryptocurrencies on a gray background – very simple but effective -. The topics are highlighted in the form of buttons. Everything is simple but clean.

homepage SimplePosPool masternodes

The community

The two competitors are present on the same networks,Discord and Twitter. Nevertheless, their communities have clearly not the same size.

Simple Pos Pool has about 1,264 followers on Twitter, while MnWorld only has 98. But where the gap is widening is on Discord. With around 1,400 members, MnWorld can already boast a beautiful little community. But SimplePosPool is needed very widely with more than 10,000 members. A real feat in the competition of Shared Masternodes.

There is no doubt that the projects do not have the same community. Nevertheless, SimplePosPool has built a community with more than one thousand members, which gives big advantages.


Both services, although resembling each other in their offer of Masternodes, have different advantages. On the site itself, MNWorld has done quality work both in terms of ergonomic and design. On the other hand, SimplePosPool stands out from the game with a community out of the ordinary.

In conclusion, both services seem to be trusted. This is your preference, however, the age and the community are SimplePosPool

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