Zcoin, Good reason to invest in

Zcoin is a cryptocurrency based on Zerocoin technology. Known as “sister” of Zcash in view of their cryptographic properties complementing each other, it is based on the “Zero-knowledge” technology aimed at guaranteeing financial anonymity in transactions.

Zcoin, What’s behind

We can easily find a lot of “shitcoins” on the market, those are coins without real value. Unlike the ZCoin, it can boast to have a real project. It represents above all the ambition of the respect of the private life. Founded by Poramin Insom – main developer of the project – ZCoin is based on the well-known “ZeroCoin”. It guarantees the anonymity of financial exchanges. The primary goal of this e-currency is to guarantee total anonymity and increased security. Features that Bitcoin is not entirely capable of doing. In case you would learn more about the ZCoin project, we invite you to read our dedicated article about this coin.

Price, ROI and Masternodes

With a current unit price of $5,1 and an accessible Masternode for $5,107. ZCoin is now a sure way to obtain passive income. In view of the chart, it is more than ever so much to invest in ZCoin.

In the logical sequence, the number of Masternodes must also be decisive if you decide to invest. Without being too important to drop the ROI, the number of Masternodes here, shows us an indisputable proof of trust with investors. With a current number of around 3,500 Masternodes, Znodes are one of the most popular on the market.

Masternode Zcoin

We can find a relatively stable ROI, in the past year, with only one big pike. Its rate remains quite honest – 20%. It is necessary to remain whimsical on the subject. You will find rarely, if ever, really solid Masternodes with an ROI exceeding the 25% over several years. It should rather be seen as a bankbook ++.


On the Twitter account, the ZCoin have more than 59,000 followers. On the social network and more generally, the project is very active – daily tweets, information on the site, etc … The developers also took care to integrate a discussion channel Discord, with today more than 5,800 members.


Zcoin is present with its ambition to anonymize and further secure transactions in the Blockchain. Its Masternode is like the project: stable and with a ROI more than adequate. It is probably one of the safest Masternodes if you want passive income over time.

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