Investment : Dash vs ZCoin

Do you ask yourself what type of investment would you like to do? You hesitate between Dash and Zcoin? We help you to take a decision.

Name: Dash
Symbol: DASH
Release date: 2014
Current price: $64.56
Masternode: 1000 Dash – $64,560

Name: ZCoin
Symbol: XZC
Release date: 2016
Current price: $4.79
Masternode: 1 000 Zcoin – $4790

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s start with the most important feature before investing: the price.

Regarding ZCoin with a current unit price around $4 The Masternode is available for 1000 coins giving an investment of around $4000.

The price is totally different for the Dash. Being a very popular currency and considered very strong, with its unit price around $64, and 1000 coins required for the Masternode, the investors have to spend approximately $64,000.

So we have a clear price difference in terms of accessibility to the Masternode. These two cryptocurrencies are clearly not for the same type of investors. On the other hand, beyond the amount, you have to look at the return on investment as well as the stability of the cryptocurrency.

Return of investment (ROI)


Here, the main information to derive from these graphs are the rates of return on investment or we can stay stability.

Regarding the rates themselves, we notice at first glance a clear difference between the two. First of all, the ZCoin is around 23% while the Dash is only 7%. On paper, the advantage is therefore given to ZCoin.

On the other hand, one must be interested in the stability of this ROI before issuing a definitive opinion. In this logic, it is the Dash that prevails with a rate unchanged since January despite some slight fluctuations. Conversely, the ZCoin him, is much more unstable as evidenced by the graph.

The team

Here, whether ZCoin or Dash, both crypto projects have large development teams even if the Dash is more complete.

On one side, we have the ZCoin with a team of 20 people. Since the project is newer than the Dash project, it is possible that this team will expand over time.

The Dash is a long-standing project with a much larger democratization than the ZCoin. With a team of about 60 people, it is clearly the bearer of one of the projects tracking the world of cryptocurrencies, which makes it a cryptocurrency of trust.

In summary, the ZCoin is carrying an interesting project supported by many entrepreneurs, but it is still far from the DASH project, closely followed by the entire cryptosphere for several years now.

Exchange volume and Market Capitalization

investment exchange Zcoin
investment exchange Dash

The Market Cap. is clearly the first information that is obvious. The Dash being much larger than the ZCoin because of its age and the size of the project.

Regarding the volume, the ZCoin is trading at 0.98% of the Market Cap against 4.533% for the Dash. Finally, the maximum supply available as well as the offer in circulation is significantly higher for the ZCoin – in proportion to the Market Cap.


The first dimension to remember is that the Dash does not address the same type of investors as the ZCoin. The latter is aimed at smaller portfolios over a shorter period. Given its price, its access to the Masternode and its available offer, the Dash is hardly accessible for small wallets. It is rather reserved for individuals with long-term investment projects.

Access to the market is slightly more complicated for the Dash, which issues a lower crypto offer. This is justified among other things by its notoriety that is not redone for several years.

In summary, both projects are interesting even if they are not positioned on the same scale. The Dash remains a safe bet with a stable and profitable rate over several years. Zcoin is a slightly riskier gamble with higher ROI but also more volatile, but access is easier.

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