Dash masternode : Why is it good to invest in ?

The name “Dash” comes from the contraction of Digital and Cash.

Dash : A little reminder

People recognize it as a visionary cryptocurrency in terms of confidentiality and speed. But to make these benefits work, Dash relies on specific servers called Masternodes. The purpose of these is to check the blocks on the network. In summary, they contribute to the security of the Blockchain. In return, 45% of the block reward is set aside to pay the Masternode network.

Today, when we think about passive income, Masternode is one of the first thought. The Dash masternode is probably the most popular. And what is the reason? This is the most stable Masternode of the market in term of return on investment. The full or shared Masternode of Dash was built around a solid project, and for a long time democratisation to the general public.


By taking a tour on https://masternodes.online/ it often happens to find Masternodes with rippling ROI, for the H2O for example with jumps between 31.000 and 200% of ROI. But those are often “shitcoins”, doomed to disappear quickly because there is no concrete project behind. By focusing on the Dash, you primarily support a major project more than just a Masternode to generate profit. Since January 2018, the ROI of the DASH has decreased by approximately 1% which again justifies its stability.

With a current unit price of $61, for a full masternode priced at $61,309. It is true that the investment is large. And with an ROI of 6.8%, you will not refund your masternode during this year. We have to consider the DASH as a really good investment. Or you could invest in a shared masternode. You give the amount what you want to give for this type of masternode.

Number of Masternodes

The number of full and shared Masternode showing us the background of the network. Then, if the number of full and shared Masternode is high, it is a sign of confidence. With Dash there is nothing to worry about, since the number of Masternodes is constantly increasing.

The team

The picture from their website shows the management team of the cryptocurrency. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest development team for a Blockchain project. This human dimension is also present to demonstrate a guarantee of security in the Dash as well as an undeniable professional line-up.

dash team


Before investing in any Masternode, it is important to do a research on the project behind. Dash is above all a project of Blockchain revolution, Bitcoin improvement in transaction speed and security. Despite its high price, everybody know this Masternode as one of the most stable on the market. Therefore, you may think that this Masternode is reserved for an elite. But there are now alternative solutions like the Shared Masternode – sharing the same Masternode between several investors.

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