MNforAll promising quality support and a reliable server for masternodes

MnforAll is a classic Masternodes Hosting website. Like many of its competitors, the site puts some information about the project, like its advantages.

MNforAll : Global presentation

We can find an “About us” section which gives no real datas on the identity of the project. For the first look, MnforAll does not differ from other full and shared Masternodes Hosting services. The site highlights the offered services and also the Discord channel which seems to be the heart of the project.

Offered services

As above mentioned, MnforAll is mainly Masternode Hosting service. A service that counts 15 different currencies : Transedn Coin, EDGY Cash, Infinex Coin, Stipend, Race, QBIC, Phobos, FXC, Stone Crypto, Argo, Bash, NodezCrypto, Rapture, Lizus and Bulwark .

If investment on a full masternode makes you scared, you have to know that you can invest in a shared masternode.

To learn more, MnforAll invite us to join their Discord channel. From an objective point of view, their offer is correct, giving us a wide range of currencies, but not very popular ones. It would have been nice to find, at least, one known currency like Dash, ZCoin or even more recent as the Deviant Coin.

Coins on MNforall


Rates are not posted on the site. But they are available on the MnforAll Discord. The website is only a kind of gateway to their discussion channel where all informations are explained.


Visually, the site is poor. The interface is clear. All the informations are well arranged for a clear and pleasant reading. Nevertheless, in terms of design we are far from some competitors like Wirehive which offers really beautiful content. MnforAll puts the visual emphasis on its home page but the othersremain very poor esthetically speaking.

Social medias and community

Small strong point of the company since the project relies heavily on the Discord channel which has no less than 3,369 members including nearly 1,000 connected daily. MnforAll also has a Twitter account but it seems not very active. With only 77 subscribers, their account has absolutely no activity since early March. And they also have a Bitcointalk forum page.


In conclusion, we have only few informations about the company. The Discord could tell us more but its site leaves us on a note of bitterness. Their offer of Masternode is correct in term of quantity. But the quality is not there. No full or shared Masternode really known to the general public. Finally, despite a Twitter account almost no activity, the Discord community, on the other hand, seems very active, which gives us a proof that the project is still relevant.

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