DeviantCoin : fast and secured transaction, anonymity and low fees

Name: DeviantCoin
Symbol: DEV
Release date: 2018
Current price: 0.1244$
Masternode: 5000 DEV – 622$

According to the site, DeviantCoin is a full or shared Masternode network with over 90% POS Block reward. The team also announces quality assurance in transaction speed, security and anonymity.

The site is well designed, showing us every important informations, such as the advantages of the coin, the community, prices and as one of the most important part the team.

DeviantCoin : Unpredictable currency for a strong community

The first thing to note is that the DEV is a very young cryptocurrency – January 2018. Therefore, it is difficult to know if this one has a future.

However, the ROI is promising, still above 100% and it is stable since July there is no big jumps.

ROI DeviantCoin

The first shocking detail is the peaks and falls of the ROI between the months of May and June.By taking a closer look at the graph, we notice a drop in ROI from around 3,000% to around 500%. Admittedly, the ROI remains at more than a correct level, but the rate depression is no less spectacular.

Masternodes DeviantCoin

The second detail that interest us, we can see on the second graph. In correlation with this fall presented above, also joins an impressive number of full and shared Masternodes on the market.

A strong community

Present on social medias, like Facebook or Twitter, the DEV community is especially active. On facebook, the page has nearly 55.000 likes and also has a strong presence on Twitter with nearly 10.000 followers. On another popular platforms in the crypto-world, like Discord and Telegram. Through these media, there are 4075 members on Telegram, 14,991 members on Discord with an average of 1,500 members constantly online.

Practical tips

To buy Deviant Coin, you always have to pay attention, to do it only an trustworth page to avoid the scams. The leading cryptocurrency exchange website, where you can find a wide range of cryptocurrencies is Binance.

The next critical point, after the purchase of the coins, is the safe way to store them. There are multiple wallets to do it, but the most secured way is, to keep the coins on a hardware wallet. This is the best possible way, because once you transfered your coins, it will be totally offline, without your private key this is not possible to access. Ledger is the most popular hardware wallet on the market. Or if you would like to have some benefits, you can invest in a full or shared masternode.


Because of its young age, it is difficult to speak about the future of this cryptocurrency.
Regarding statistics, despite strong instability between April and June, the ROI of DeviantCoin remains above average but nothing can tell us that it will be the same for the next few months.

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  • Otto
    Posted December 1, 2018 2:16 am 0Likes

    Your conclusion is very smart, yesterday I sold my MN (5000 DEVs) at Cryptobridge, it was a really low price… this coin is terrible, the team is very complicated, they have serious problems, specifically to give a real voice to the investors, they are not following the timeline that they promised, it’s very problematic about issues with securities and I’ve invested in this project more than 8 BTC, what they have no kind of respect with the customers, there is several problems with exchanges, there is no real exchange operating, to sell and to buy these coins, Cryptopia was the main Exchange but put the Wallets in Maintenance Mode and until today the price is severely dumping, because there isWhat I can 100% surely say, a good coin for a Masternode, it’s Exclusive Coin, same price but it’s operated by Bittrex and a they have a real community, not like Deviant, 4 or 5 kids, who are interested to dream and to live with money of the others.

    • Henry
      Posted December 4, 2018 6:05 pm 0Likes

      Thank’s for Your interesting feedback! We’ll have a look at Exclusive Coin and maybe do an article.

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