Bitcoin Green: the coin promising faster and cheaper transactions

Bitcoin Green : Global Presentation

Name: Bitcoin Green
Symbol: BITG
Release date: 2017
Current price: 0.958$
Masternode: 2500 BITG – 2 395$

Bitcoin Green is a cryptocurrency designed to provide a more environmental and sustainable alternative to Bitcoin.  It is based on the Green Protocol. Which uses an efficient proof-of-work algorithm, solving many of Bitcoin’s sustainability and scalability issues.


With the current conditions on the cryptocurrency market, it is not a big surprise : the price and the ROI are showing a downward trend. The number of full or shared masternodes except small falls, continuously increasing. However, the decreasing numbers in the last months, still we can say, there is no noticeable jump in the ROI. Which indicates a big stability.

From 2018 April, there was not any big change in the ROI. For example, with a unit price of  1.85€ and an eligibility for the masternode, a number of 2 500 coins. We obtain an initial investment of 4,647€ for a full masternode. With a stable ROI for several months around 160%, you make your return on investment in less than 10 months. This is rather interesting. You may choose to invest in a shared masternode if you don’t have enough coins or money.

Unlike now, we have “only” the stability, with the current ROI 108%. So it changed Bitcoin Green from a short term investment more for a long term investment.

As this chart perfectly demonstrates, the number of full and shared Masternodes, continuously increasing. There are not too many investors on the BITG, making it an interesting investment since the benefits will be less shared. This increase of the number of investors is also a sign of confidence – individuals buy, so they perceive a growing interest.

The team

Team member Bitcoin Green

One of the most important sign of a reliable project is the team presented. However, few members of the group decided to keep the anonymity. But still the bigger part of the team is presented on their website, all together 13 members.

Practical tips

To buy the Bitcoin Green,you always have to pay attention to do it only an trustworth page, to avoid the scams. There are several cryptocurrency exchange websites, where you can find a wide range of cryptocurrencies. For example Cryptopia, CoinExchange and CryptoBridge, based on Bitcoin Green’s website. The next critical point, after the purchase of the coins, is the safe way to store them. There are multiple wallets to do it. The most secured way is, to keep the coins on a hardware wallet.

This is the best possible way. Once you transfered your coins, it will be totally offline. Without your private key, this is not possible to access. Ledger is the most popular hardware wallet on the market.


Although the BITG has a scary ROI, the year 2018 allowed this currency to prove that it could be stable. It is obvious that 0 risk does not exist, nevertheless Bitcoin Green remains to this day a quality investment.

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