NodeShare, a 24/7 server to support Your masternode

NodeShare is a site offering Shared Masternode services. Project members are pioneers of Masternodes hosting. It was the first service to offer more than 5 currencies. The website was created in June 2017 and has really started to perform from October 2017.

NodeShare : Global presentation

First information concerning the website, it is not https. Which means a lack of security and ,therefore, confidence that we could grant to Nodeshare. The website has a home page. But also four other topics: Setup Guides, FAQs, About Us and My Account. The FAQ section gives access to a database of important informations. Despite, its design making the visit boring. Finally, the site announces the project’s stand by since the co-founder works mainly on other websites and blogs, such as or

Offered services

NodeShare is a Shared Masternode service – hence its name. It offers a very wide choice. As evidenced by the following image:

coins for masternode NodeShare


We can find the price list under the FAQ, General infos. The prices including the installation of the shared masternode, the hosting, and support. The package based on 3 months period, starting at 35 USD. The one of 6 months – 60 USD. And 12 months – 96 USD, and there are volume discounts applying.


Regarding the interface, from the first moment, that is obvious: the page is focused on the content. No image, no logo, no visual elements. The main information take place when we are looking at the homepage. On another side, the section dedicated to Masternode guides is visually very pleasant to read and makes you want to know more.

Social medias and community

The community is not mentioned anywhere on their website.

While doing research, there does not seem to have a Facebook page. On the other hand, we found a strong community on Twitter. With a daily activity and 2,753 followers for 327 tweets since June 2017, NodeShare is very active on this network.


In conclusion, NodeShare is an interesting project in view of their support on Twitter and the notoriety of one of the members of the project. Despite this, it is currently in standby and the website shows a lack of involvement in terms of information and design.

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