, a fully automated masternode service is a project offering a single Masternode service. Customers can deposit their Dash and host a Masternode. The website offers two types of services host and manage the users’ Masternode. : Global presentation

Firstable, the site takes us to a homepage presenting the essential data of the products offered without presenting the general information. Equiped with 4 buttons: Top, Features, Contact and Sign up. There is no datas concerning the development team. However, we have access to the date of creation of the company – December 2014 -. As well as an email address if we need to have answers to our questions.

Offered service

As mentioned above, the project offers a single Masternode service, only for Dash owners. By depositing 1000 dash, the number of coins needed to obtain one full Masternode. hosts and manages everything to avoid this effort to the user.


The rates are simple: 35 $ worth of Dash for 90 days of service. This seems very cheap in terms of funding knowing that it barely covers the costs of hosting servers. It suggests that other commissions are recovered once the amount invested in the Masternode.


The design of the home page of is very simple. The colors are limited to white, gray and a hint of turquoise, no logo and a single font. This makes the site sober and boring. However, it is not giving any visual joy to the customers during the visit of the website. In the way of StakingLab, the site have drop down menu, where the buttons scrolling down to a specific part of the same page, not taking us to a new page.


Social medias and community

The site provides a Contact section, with the email address and the following social networks:
-Twitter: 548 followers and 47 tweets
-Dash Forum
Finally, the site does not present a link to a Discord or even a Facebook page.


To conclude, the site presents a classic Dash Masternode hosting service, 35$ for 90 days of service. Moreover, there is little content regarding general information. But we can’t find any information about the development team.

In terms of design, the site is relatively poor in colors and fonts, but has the merit of being sober and uncluttered.

Finally, the community looks especially present on Twitter with a total of 550 followers for about fifty tweets and on Reddit. No Discord or Facebook, however, this is not a good thing.

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