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Dash : Global presentation

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Name: Dash, Digital Cash
Symbol: DASH
Release date: 2014
Current price: 168$
Masternode: 1000 coins – 168 000$

The name is coming from the contraction of Digital and Cash. It is known as one of the oldest and most stable Cryptocurrency in the world of cryptos.

A lot of people recognize it as a visionary cryptocurrency in terms of confidentiality and speed. But to make these benefits work, it relies on specific servers called Masternodes. The purpose of these is to check the blocks on the network. In summary, they contribute to the security of the Blockchain. In return, 45% of the block reward is set aside to pay the Masternode network.

We can use Dash to InstantSend, PrivateSend or Governance and Treasury. The goal of the team is to make it easy to use, like PayPal.

To be able to acquire a full Masternode of Dash, it is necessary to invest initially in 1000 coins. Holders of masternodes also have the right to vote on the proposals, like a shareholder. For sure you can also invest in a Shared Masternode.

Long term investment

It is not uncommon to walk around https://masternodes.pro/ and find full or shared masternodes with rates of return in excess of 1000%. On the other hand, these masternodes are often based on very volatile cryptocurrencies, whose objectives are often undefined. DASH is based on the opposite logic. The ROI of a full or shared masternode is not so impressive, 7.30% currently.

However, this rate is extremely stable, which makes it one of the most expensive masternodes, but also one of the most secure in terms of return on investment. Since January 2017, the ROI has increased by approximately 1.13%. With a current unit price of $168 for a full masternode priced at $168 000, it is true that the investment is large and with an ROI of 7.30%. You will not refund your masternode during this year. Therefore, we have to see this cryptocurrency as a stable investment, in the long term. And if the price is a black point for you, don’t forget that you can invest on shared masternode on some platforms.

Beyond the ROI, it is also important to look at the exchange volume of a cryptocurrency. The goal is to determine the degree of confidence that can be allocated to it. To obtain a DASH masternode, it is necessary to have 1000 coins. However, if the quantities exchanged are tiny, it will be difficult to appropriate a masternode. But you can invest in a shared masternode/

Big team behind the project

The previous image shows a part of the management team. Beyond that, we can find a team of 28 developers, the marketing group consists of 5 professionals, 13 management & exploitation specialists, 2 recruiters, 1 financial director and 8 strategists. This human dimension is also present to demonstrate a guarantee of security in the Dash as well as an undeniable professional follow-up.

Where to find?

Dash is getting more and more well-known, there are a multitude of shopping sites:

Of course, there are other sites to trade DASH or to buy a Masternode. There are even specialists offering services of “Shared Masternode”. This is the case, for example, of Westake, which offers a shared masternode service. This service makes the masternodes accessible to all regardless of the invested amount.


The DASH is known to be one of the most difficult masternodes to acquire in terms of price. Nevertheless, there are several reasons for this:

  • it is one of the most followed crypto-currencies on the market.
  • It is part of the 10% of POS items. People don’t define it as “shitcoins”.
  • Dash is built around several solid objectives, including anonymity and transaction speed.

In summary, we have to see Dash as an investment in the long term. With a 7.30% ROI, the price has tended to drop for some time, its masternode yield has not changed for a long time.

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