NODE VPS Masternode hosting with more than 90 currencies

Node VPS : Global presentation

Node-VPS is a service of Masternodes that started in September 2016. Based on the company’s report, 2017 was a big success in every terms. After this successful year, the developers decided to renew the website and this is why we can see today NODE VPS V2. The company mentions also their servers are based in Stockholm, UK and soon it will be seated to Iceland.

On the other hand, the website give us only the timeline and no more information about the history of the project. The website doesn’t present the Team members.

Offered service

Node VPS offers only one service which is interesting for us: Hosting Masternodes. The service seems to propose a wide range of choice of available currencies.

Big highlight of NodeVPS: its offer of Masternodes. On the one side, we find
a choice among 90 cryptocurrencies, with some of those that are not even
present as the Dash or the ZCoin. However, Node VPS demonstrates a huge
Security with over 800 Masternodes in use. It proves that the company does not just offer content on paper.


This is one of shadow areas of the service. There is no information provided about rates at all. By creating an account and looking a little further, we managed to identify a rate – 6 €/ month. But by clicking on this, we are referred to an external host – – which complicates the procedure.


Regarding the design of the website and its interface, Node VPS is rather effective. It is clean and easy to use, even if the colors are simple.The interface is efficient and makes it easy to navigate. A specific box is highlighting cryptocurrencies. A logo and a hyperlink allowing the user to see clearer. The fonts are used well and Topics are highlighted. The team members have well-design the page.

Coins on Node VPS

Social medias and community

The first point to note is that the company does not put anything related to its community on the website. The project doesn’t mention any social networks, no place to write review and it gives no information about other customers. They don’t give any opportunities for exchange between clients.

Facebook: NodeVPS has a Facebook page with 153 “likes”. This one is very poorly maintained in terms of content. The latest publication dates back to April 2018.

Twitter: with only 8 followers and 20 tweets, we don’t know that much about the business and the community does not seem to really exist.
Despite a creation in September 2014, the Twitter account is no longer powered from April 2018. The same day as its last Facebook post to be specified.

Discord: despite much research, we were unable to find its Discord if it does exist.


In conclusion, the site has a big advantage and some disadvantages. With its choice among more than 90 currencies, NodeVPS is today the biggest service of Masternode Hosting in terms of variety. Its design is also well-thought. Interface allows a pleasant navigation. On the other hand, NodeVPS joins the bench of its competitors with still and always a lack of information about the project. Some lines are presented to it. But again, we could not find data on the development team. Finally, the presence on the networks, as the existence of a community is very questionable, not to say non-existing in recent months.

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