ZCoin one of the most stable coin on the market


Global Presentation

Name: ZCoin
Symbol: XZC
Release date: 2016
Current price: 12,44€
Masternode: 1 000 Zcoin – 12 440€

Zcoin is based on Zerocoin technology or “Zero-knowledge”, which aims to guarantee the total confidentiality of all transactions. The latter is considered Zcash sister because of their similar cryptographic properties.

If you would like to know more about the history and specifics of this cryptocurrency, we invite you to take a look at our dedicated article. In this article, what interests us is not the cryptocurrency itself, but rather its full or shared masternode: the Znode.

A few words about the ZCoin

Currently priced at 12,44€, Znodes can be acquired for 1 000 ZCoins or, said otherwise 12 440€. If the number of coins to claim this full or shared masternode is rather normal, the coin’s price is high. Despite this, Zcoin is rather stable which makes it a profitable investment at the moment.

Although its ROI is not as insane as some nodes like the Printex, it still stands at 21.9%, guaranteeing a very correct rent. Znodes must be viewed as a long-term investment in view of its stability and notoriety in terms of safety. The annual return on investment is currently 2 725€. In summary, it is clear, if you’re looking to short term investments, you should look out for another Masternode. However, over several years, Znode can prove to be a really profitable investment.

Summing up in figures, with an annual income of 2725€ and an initial investment of
12 440€, the Znodes is not affordable for everyone. Yet, it’s still very interesting in the following situations:

  • You already hold Zcoins and you do not necessarily need to reinvest a lot to qualify for a Znode.
  • You can simply afford an investment of this amount and you want to make a profit in the long run.

Where to find?

If you would like to follow the Zcoin closer or if you want to invest, the Cryptopia site will be perfect for that. It offers the purchase of Zcoin BTC and also allows to follow its price in real time.

It is complicated to acquire a Znode, because of its high price. However, some Shared Masternode services allow people mutualize the investments and thus to become owner of a part of a masternode without investing a colossal sum.

Some sites, like Westake for example, offer Masternodes and Shared Masternodes for Zcoin. Westake’s services stand out from most other services by pooling the investment, making it accessible to everyone.


To put it in a nutschell, Znodes is an expensive product as this cryptocurrency has some confidence from the crypto community.

Behind it we can find one of the most successful algorithms in terms of security. With a technical team of 11 developers, a marketing team of 6 people and 3 consultants, you invest in a masternode guaranteeing a true follow-up.

In terms of price, it is obvious that the Znode is not affordable for everyone. Nevertheless, if you already hold Zcoin or want to invest in the long term, this masternode will match you.

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