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Simple Pos Pool

Global Presentation of Simple Pos Pool

The site presents general information in terms of service offered. But, it does not present essential information, such as team members, date of creation, country, etc …
An introduction section presenting the project as created by the passionate team without specifying the members. However, there is a section “About us”. But it is based on the services offered, rather than on the team itself.

Type of service

Firstable, Simple Pos Pool offers Shared Masternodes or Masternodes services. It means, the initial investment will be shared between the investors, helping average people to invest in Masternodes.

Simple Pos Pool offers 23 different Masternodes :

  • Bitcoin Green,
  • Condo,
  • Cropcoin,
  • Deviant Coin,
  • ExtensiveCoin,
  • Frost Coin,
  • GINcoin,
  • High Temperature Coin,
  • Lightpaycoin,
  • Medic Coin,
  • Olympic Coin,
  • PaC Core,
  • Parlay,
  • Phore,
  • PayDay Coin,
  • Rover Coin,
  • Satoshicoin ,
  • Sanchezium,
  • Stipend,
  • HempCoin,
  • Trittium,
  • Vantaur,
  • Apollo Coin.

Despite the number of Masternodes, there are no cryptocurrencies with really solid project like the Dash.

Beyond the Shared Masternodes, Simple Pos Pool also offers a simple staking service on 19 different cryptocurrencies :

  • B3Coin,
  • Xgox,
  • Dutch coin,
  • Stellar Holding,
  • Vulcano,
  • Bean Cash,
  • Pivx,
  • Stratis,
  • Xgoxdark,
  • Strong Hands,
  • Nomad Coin,
  • LindaCoin ,
  • EmberCoin,
  • Shard Coin,
  • Varius,
  • Clubcoin,
  • MmoCoin,
  • Coin Condensate,
  • Worx Coin.

Business model

The Maternode Offers

As explained, Simple Pos Pool offers an offer of Shared Masternodes revolving around 23 different currencies.
The site has the following advantages:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Shorter reward time when you “share” a Masternode
  • Transparency
  • No restrictions on deposits and withdrawal
  • No material cost


Simple Pos Pool is paid by collecting a percentage on the capital gains of the investors in the Masternodes. The customer can invest the amount of crypto-currencies that he want, without any charge or pre-defined starting fee.
Until the end of 2018, the company recovers 1% of the profit generated and 3% from 2019 for each income that the customer receives. There is no charge to deposit or withdraw your cryptocurrency.
The site also offers a multi-level affiliate system. Referring a friend allows the client to receive a reward up to 10% of the benefits received by this friend. If this friend brings another individual, the reward is 5% of profits collected. And so on up to 1% – hence the 4 levels.

Ergonomics & User Interface

Firstable, regarding the design of the site, ease of use and sleek design are the key words. Despite the limited data presented, the site remains intuitive and simple to understand.
The home page presents all the cryptocurrencies and services. As well as a range of 5 menus – Intro, About Us, FAQ, Register, Login.
Anyway the site is clear and easy to use.

The community

In terms of community, the site gives us no information: it has no presence on social networks.

Then, taking a closer look at the networks. There is a slight presence on Facebook with 90 people subscribed to the page. Apart from sharing from Twitter, we could not find any article on the Facebook page. Rating 4.8 out of 5 with 5 reviews. However, on Twitter, 800 people follow Simple POS Pool, with a current number of 178 tweets since January 2018.
In conclusion, the company is timidly present on the networks. But the site has no trace of the community. Sadly, no buttons to access on social networks.


To conclude, the Simple POS Pool company offers a varied staking service as well as 23 different Masternodes.
The site is sober, intuitive and refined but lacks information. It contains only the services offered and a FAQ. There are no social buttons, no information about the team and the company.

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