Shared Masternode service, but which one?!

Shared Masternode Stakinglab vs SimplePosPool

Shared Masternode Service interest you? But you do not know where to invest? Our article will allow you to see more clearly between two competitors of Shared Masternode: Simple Pos Pool and StakingLab.

Shared Masternode Platform
Comparison of general information

The problem remains the same again with the projects of Hosting Shared Masternode : the lack of information. Most sites focus the attention of consumers on services and rates. They forget one thing that is essential in our opinion: the identity of the project. StakingLab and Simple Pos Pool do not escape the rule, by limiting themselves to the strict minimum in terms of information.

Simple Pos Pool provides almost no data, apart from a brief introduction to the project. In fact, just an “About us” topic that provides information about services. StakingLab gives some information such as the date of creation of the company and the implementation. However, it stands out in terms of visual content, with a video tutorial.

In summary, there are very little informations. If one is interested purely in the identity of the two projects. Even if StakingLab has made a slight effort.

The Shared Masternodes

Comparison of the offered services 

Although both projects offer Shared Masternode services, they are different in the content they offer.

Simple Pos Pool offers: Bitcoin Green, Condo, Cropcoin, Deviant Corner, ExtensiveCoin, Frost Coin, GINcoin, High Temperature Corner, Light Paycoin, Medic Corner, Olympic Corner, PaC Core, Parlay, Phore, PayDay Coin Rover Corner, Satoshi Coin, Sanchezium , Stipend, HempCoin, Trittium, Vantaur, Apollo Coin.

StakingLab offers: Alqo, Corner APR, Blocknode, Condominium, Deviant Corner, GINCoin, Coin Ignition, Light PayCoin, PIVX.

Without even dwelling on the different Shared Masternodes, there is clearly evidence in the quantity of currencies proposed. Simple Pos Pool have a plenty of choice with nearly twenty Masternodes. At the qualitative level, the opinions can diverge. But neither of the two competitors really stand out – we can not find Dash or ZCoin for example.

The rates

The two competitors have the advantage of offering their rates on their site. Even if StakingLab did not put them as clearly as Simple Pos Pool.

StakingLab gives us the following information:


referral system

Simple Pos Pool offers a much better way of pricing. The website give us explicitly information through their “About us” section. There is also an affiliate system. You can find it, in more detail through our article dedicated to Simple Pos Pool.

Both services take a percentage on rewards. StakingLab takes 5% on Masternodes unlike Simple Pos Pool which is 1% and 3%. Of course, it is necessary for us to start to realize the real differences. But it is clear that Simple Pos Pool is in first position on the paper.

Design and UI

Here, it will be mainly about taste. Because the two sites are visually correct even our preference leans towards StakingLab.

Both are refined and highlight the information. But, the background of StakingLab seems more worked. Moreover, the cryptocurrencies are highlighted separately for the purpose of describing them. Which makes the site visit more enjoyable.

The community

There is no doubt that this comparative table marks a clear difference between the two competitors. Present on two additional networks, StakingLab even has an Instagram account. If we compare the numbers, Simple Pos Pool is more times less influential on Twitter and Facebook, and does not have Discord – channel of discussion yet very frequent in the middle of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Verdict? StakingLab is well established on the networks. The team takes care of its community, placing it at the top.

Simple Pos Pool:

There is a slight presence on Facebook. With 90 people subscribed to the page. Apart from sharing from Twitter. We could not find any article on the Facebook page, rated 4.8 out of 5 with 5 reviews.
However, on Twitter, more than 800 people are following Simple POS Pool. With a current number of 178 tweets, since January 2018.


It using Discord mostly. Regarding Discord, voice chat is very active: 5,160 members currently with 1,000 members constantly active.
250 people like the Facebook page.
2,000 people are following the Twitter account. With 440 tweets to his credit. Now 1 year old, it is active every day.
Finally, the team has published 63 photos on the Instagram account, since its creation. More than 1,000 people are following it.


To conclude, the final opinion is rather complicated. StakingLab is taking off on its competitor. In the design of its site, in its presence on the networks as well as in the care taken to its community. Simple Pos Pool draws its strength from the astronomical amount of Shared Masternodes and cheaper rates than its competitor.

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