ZCoin like the old player, or the young Deviant coin?

In this article, we will give you more details and informations concerning 2 different cryptocurrencies, Zcoin and Deviant Coin.

Global Presentation of ZCoin and Deviant Coin

Name: Zcoin
Symbol: XZC
Release date: 2016
Current price: 12,44€
Masternode: 1 000 Zcoin – 12 440€

Name: Deviant Coin
Symbol: DEV
Release date: 2018
Current price: 0,52€
Masternode: 5000 DEV – 2600€


Comparison: advantages – disadvantages

Access to the Masternode

Let’s start with the most important feature before investing: the price.

Regarding the Zcoin we have a current unit price around 13€. The Masternode is accessible for 1000 coins which gives an investment of about 13 000€ but you can invest a part of this, on some platform and you will not pay for a full but a shared masternode.

The Deviant Coin’s current price around 0.5€ each. With a FullMasternode priced at 2,680€, it is definitely more affordable than the Znode. This price is justified by the recent emergence of this currency. Like for Zcoin, you can invest a part of this, on some platform, and you will not pay for a full but a shared masternode.

Be that as it may, it is easy to deduce that these two Masternodes are not intended to the same investors. Because of its young age and among other things, the Deviant Coin is much more affordable if you decide to invest in a full or shared Masternode. However, the number of currencies to access to the Deviant Coin Masternode is much higher than the ZCoin – 5000 DEV. If the prices of these two cryptocurrencies were to match, the Masternode of Deviant Coin would become much less affordable.

Return on investment


return investment Zcoin

Deviant Coin:

Here, the two main information to draw from these graphs are the rates of return on investment and their stability.

Paying attention to the legend, we notice a clear difference in the ROI of these two types of full and shared masternodes. On the one hand, the Deviant Coin, which has stabilized since June around 180%. On the other hand, the ZCoin curve is much more heterogeneous, and its ROI is currently around 20%.

The Deviant Coin is younger, but its recent stability and titanic return on investment make this cryptocurrency an oasis for investors.

Development teams and the community

The lack of information about Deviant Coin’s development team makes the comparison complicated… yet its community is very important.

The ZCoin development team is no longer present with its team of about twenty people. The project is still new, but the development team is growing rapidly.

The Deviant Coin does not display its development team. No doubt by choice in relation to the confidentiality which is one of their creed. However, they devote particular care to their community, including Discord with more than 16,000 members. On Twitter, with more than 10,000 followers and finally Telegram with 5,000 members. The Deviant Coin community is therefore strong and active.

In conclusion, opinions are subjective. If you like to put a face to a project, the corner Deviant is probably not the solution, unlike the ZCoin. On the contrary, the DEV advocates anonymity, but it is able to set up an important community that justifies in one sense, the power of this project.

The number of Full and Shared Masternodes


Deviant Coin:

Deviant Coin graph

In order to gain additional confidence, it is often advisable to pay attention to the numbers of Full and Shared Masternodes. Here, there is little concern about these two cryptocurrencies.

Both curves follow a similar and encouraging growth. The more Masternodes there are and the greater number of investors – this justifies a gain of confidence on their part. However, the Deviant Coin has one advantage: its number of Full and Shared Masternodes is lower. The benefits are less shared than those of ZCoin. This is mainly justified by the young age of this cryptocurrency.


These two cryptocurrencies, just as the upstream projects, are different in every aspects.

The ZCoin, older and having a larger number of Full and Shared Masternodes, does not have a ROI as impressive as the DEV. The Deviant Coin is truly a new generation of cryptocurrency with a stronger anonymity and a strong community on Discord.

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