Bitcoin Green, or ZCoin? The small brother of Bitcoin can be interesting?

You need to know more about Bitcoin Green and Zcoin? This article is for you.

Bitcoin Green and ZCoin, Global Presentation





Name: Zcoin
Symbol: XZC
Release date: 2016
Current price: 12,44€
Masternode: 1 000 Zcoin – 12 440€


Bitcoin Green Logo




Name:  Bitcoin Green
Symbol:  BITG
Current price:  2,15€
Masternode: 2 500 Bitcoin Green – 5 375€


Comparison: advantages – disadvantages

Access to the full or shared Masternode

To a lesser extent than some Masternodes like the Dash, we quickly notice that the price of Zcoin Masternode is high. This is not the case of the Bitcoin Green, which is easy to access with an amount of about 5 375€ – more than three times cheaper than the ZCoin.

Let’s start with Bitcoin Green: its current price is about 2,15€ is rather low compared to to the Dash’s price. We have here an acquisition of 2,500 currencies for one full Masternode. This investment is small compared to the one of ZCoin.

Regarding it, we have a current unit price around 13€. The full Masternode is accessible for 1 000 coins which gives an investment of about 13 000€. Don’t be afraid with amounts like this because now you have the possibility to invest in Shared Masternodes.

Return on investment


Return on investment Zcoin

Bitcoin Green

Return on investment Bitcoin green

Paying attention to these two ROI graphs, we notice that they do not have the same homogeneity.

On the one hand, we have the ZCoin with a heterogeneous curve even if it stabilizes between 20% and 30% since May 30, 2018. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the rate of return remains interesting with a current ROI of 19,12%.

With respect to the BITG, the curve is much more homogeneous, with a rate of return of around 150% for the past three months.

The BITG therefore has a clear advantage in terms of performance according to the data recorded. On the other hand, whether it is one or the other, it is important to specify that these two rates can change at any time. Nevertheless these two masternodes remain interesting in term of profit.

Development team

The BITG may be criticized for surfing the Bitcoin wave by proposing a “green” cryptocurrency thanks to its POF consensus, it is nonetheless an interesting project, followed by a team of 16 people. Even if the Masternode is young, the Bitcoin Green project has been around for some time, thus distinguishing itself from the classic “shitcoins” which collapse after a few months.

The ZCoin is also a project well surrounded, with cryptocurrency trading in volumes more than correct on the market. The latter also has a follow-up: a team of 11 developers, 6 marketers and 3 consultants each with advanced skills in the field.


The two masternode projects are interesting, but they are not intended to the same investors.

ZCoin is a well-known project in the world of Masternodes. Although his ROI is still unstable, it remains at high levels. Its development team is well composed, which gives hope for a bright future. However, the Bitcoin Green has a smaller team but still important enough to demonstrate good monitoring. Its ROI has been incredibly stable for a few months, making this Masternode one of the most stable recently. For both of projects, you can invest in full or shared masternodes.

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