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Global Presentation of NodeSupply

Main information

NodeSupply is a Masternode hosting project. Like its competitors, the site brings us directly to the essential: the various services and the prices. Once again, it is difficult to express an opinion on the essence of the project. Since no information comes from it. No date of creation, members of the project anonymously, here are some factors that can be prohibitive if we attach importance. Moreover, we can not defined if there is a Shared Masternode service or if it’s only a full masternode service.

The site nevertheless provides an email address, dedicated to technical support, and a geographical location of the company – Netherlands.

Business model

Type of service

NodeSupply offers a Hosting Masternode service. The site gives us the following Masternodes:

  • SmartNodes
  • Znodes
  • Horizen Secure Nodes
  • Solaris Masternodes
  • OPCX Masternodes
  • Absolute Masternodes
  • GoByte Masternodes
  • Helium Masternodes
  • Crown Systemnodes et Masternodes
  • LogisCoin Masternodes
  • PACCoin Masternodes
  • PIVX Masternodes
  • ZCore Masternodes

Despite a well-worked site and an easy to use interface, this is not the first project in the Hosting Masternode business. In addition, to the downstream services what NodeSupply could offer, some competitors have a much more varied offers. And some of them managed to offer Full or Shared Masternodes like the Dash.


The rates are presented on the home page of the site and it’s based on a simple monthly subscription system. The longer time, since you are their customer, the greater the price decrease.

Price nodesupply

Ergonomics & User Interface

In the first place, NodeSupply is original and differs from the competition in the color of its website. Green makes it possible to differentiate itself from the blue interfaces, often frequent among the competitors of hosting or Shared Masternodes.

Apart from the color, the rest of the interface is very classic, but effective. The site is in the form of a scrolling text and takes us directly to the essentials – prices, services, etc…

In summary, the site is beautiful and its ergonomics makes it a nice tool. The colors are pleasing to the eye and add a touch of “Be Distinctive” without distorting the professional aspect of the project.

The community

A rare thing, but really pleasant, is that NodeSupply provides the networks on which it is active.

Discord: 149 members in total,  twenty are usually connected. The community does not seem very important when compared to other competitors. Nevertheless, it is possible that the channel Discord is very recent since the Twitter account dates from January 2018.

Twitter: with a total of 265 followers. Despite its dynamism, the account seems little followed by the community. It is important to note that the account is regularly enhanced with tweets – more than one per day.

Telegram: With 218 members, the instant messaging channel is getting closer to the two other networks presented earlier in terms of attendance.

The NodeSupply community does not seem to exceed 200 members whatever the social networks. This finding suggests that the project is still young, the creation of the Twitter account in January. But also the project members did not take care to effectively communicate their project.


In conclusion, NodeSupply has assets that are enclaved by a community still not very present, as well as an offer of Masternodes too fragile in the face of competition.

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