MNWorld did it well? Another Masternode hosting service.

Global Presentation of MNWorld

Main information

MNWorld is an online service of Shared Masternodes.

First of all, the site does not give us any information on the identity of the company. With a home page without infos, the site only has a button give access to the Discord of the project and a dashboard to track Shared Masternodes.

MNWorld Homepage

Type of service

The project proposes 6 Masternodes in total:

  • Cerberus – MN1
  • Credits – MN1
  • Dixicoin – MN1
  • Credits – MN2
  • Dixicoin – MN2
  • Dixicoin – MN3

Business model

Shared Masternode offered

Therefor, MnWorld offers 6 Shared Masternodes in total. They are visible from the dashboard of the website, in the form of an interface presenting all the data on the product – Shareholder, ROI, Amount, Percentage, etc…


Just like the general information, the site don’t even give us information concerning the rates. In view of the homepage of the site, the developers suggest that all the information is available by going to the Discord of the project.

Through the Dashboard, we only know the encrypted data of the Masternodes – Amount, Reward, Payout address, etc… Also note that some information such as the ROI are specified according to the site. But it does not appear on the dashboard, which leaves us with a lack of information about the products themselves.

Ergonomics & User Interface

Due to lack of content on the site, it’s difficult to define the quality of the interface.
Moreover, regarding the homepage, MNWorld leaves us with a wallpaper, a logo and 3 buttons. Despite a rather streamlined design, we have almost nothing on the homepage. Its only usefulness lies in the possibility of access to the project Discord as well as the Shared Masternodes dashboard.

To conclude with the dashboard, the information in the form of numbers are stacked without effort of design, which leaves us on a draft impression. Lack of color and layout, the dashboard is there for informational purposes only.

The community

The site takes us to the Discord of the project: 1,340 members including 200 usually online. However, this is the only highlight of MnWorld. Therefore, we don’t really understand how they were able to build a community with such a site with a poor content.

Regarding other networks, we have no information on the social media sites. Furthermore, after a search, nothing has been found of MnWorld on any of the other social networks.


The website leaves us clearly on a bitter note. In fact, the poor homepage is only there to redirect individuals to the Discord of the project or the dashboard. Furthermore, the dashboard is also very incomplete and poorly designed.

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