Decided to invest, but don’t know which masternode? I’ll help You!

A few years ago Dash introduced the Masternodes, after a short time it became viral in the world of passive income. But are they all on the sale level? What is a shitcoin? This article is there to help you make the right choice based on the amounts you want to invest and of course minimising your risk.


A little reminder about Masternodes

First of all, important to remember that the Masternodes are a stabile and important part of the system of blockchain. They are mainly perceived as passive income. It is not recommended to join on tremendous investments if did not inquire beforehand.

In the second place, you have the possibility according to your profile to host or not your Masternode. For a conventional investor who wants passive income and has little knowledge in the field, it is advisable to go through specialists. If you want to invest in very expensive Masternodes, you also have a possibility: the Shared Masternodes. Whatever your needs, we will see together the factors to choose a Masternode depending on the type of investor you are.

The factors of choice

The price

First decision factor: the price. It is obvious, not all Masternodes are accessible at the same price.

However the price of a Masternode is determined according to the number of coins required to be able to hold the Masternode – for example the Deviant Coin which requires 5,000. On the other hand, the price is defined according to the unit amount from the neighborhood. As a result, some Masternodes will be reserved for an elite: this is the case of the Dash, recognized as one of the most stable on the market, with a price of around 132 500€. Obviously, such a big amount of money is a filter, lot of investors can’t afford it. There are however Masternodes “cheap” and just as stable. The Deviant Coin for example, is one of the fashionable Masternodes, accessible for about 2600€.

Clearly the price therefore partly determines which Masternode will match you. Finally, it is important to note that whatever the Masternode, you are not immune to a storm on growth rates. Despite some currencies like the Dash deemed healthy and stable, there are also Shitcoins to be wary of. For that I invite you to read our dedicated article: Masternode ?! Why, how, and where to invest.


The stability of the return on investment – or ROI – of a Masternode also makes it possible to classify You as a specific type of investor. Do you have a taste for risk? If so, go for a coin with a crazy ROI and cross your fingers to multiply your profit. Do you want a more secure passive income like an A passbook? We invite you to discover the Dash.

Despite the general volatility of cryptocurrencies, the risks can be reduced. You can therefore orient your choice accordingly.

For example, here is the comparison between the ROI of Dash and that of Kittycoin – one of the Masternodes with the highest ROI.




It’s important to keep in mind that, whatever is your investor profile, it is not advisable to rely on cryptocurrencies which do not have a recognized governance system. Depending on the budget you have, the Masternodes will obviously be different. If your situation allows it, we advise you to bet on recognized and stable currencies like the Dash. If your portfolio is smaller, however, there are trusted currencies like ZCoin. Of course, nothing prevents you to bet on more recent Masternodes like Deviant Coin where the amount will remain minor compared to the Dash.

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