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Global Presentation of Wirehive

Main information

The Wirehive site is outstandingly well-designed. The homepage looks professional and lots of effort has been put to describe their services . The site offers several buttons to bring the reader to what interests him – Hosting Service, Consulting, Partners, WireHive and contact.

Unlike most sites offering Masternode services, Wirehive offers an impressive amount of information about them. An entire section is dedicated to the way the company operates, and to introduce the members of the project. Wirehive even includes employee networks if you want to know more about their career paths.

Business model

Type of service

Wirehive offers multiple services, going well beyond the Masternodes.

A Cloud Consulting service: the company is an expert in corporate strategy. It helps individuals and businesses in their strategy on several levels – implementation, design, strategy, research, etc …

A Hosting Service: Wirehive is a consulting and optimization service for entrepreneurs who want to develop their website, online store, application or platform.

They break down the hosting services into several parts:

  • Amazon Web Service: This service is for customers to reduce infrastructure costs and increase productivity.
  • Microsoft Azure: This service is for customers with .net and .Iot applications. It is optimizing application launches, under the supervision of Microsoft certified specialists.
  • Google Cloud Platform: Internal Personnel Management Service via Big Data
  • Private / Public Cloud Services and Hardware
  • Masks Hosting Service: Currently under development and will be available soon – /September 2018/.

Masternode offered

As mentioned earlier, They are planning to launch this masternodes the end of 2018. Nevertheless, Wirehive already puts forward the products that will be available in the future:

Wirehive will propose highly democratized Masternodes overall. Especially with the Dash which has a system of trustworthy governance.
The weak point remains however their lack of specialization in this environment, since they are at the base in the advice and optimization of web content.


The company displays the exact prices for every service, however what matters to us is the price of Masternode hosting, which is not published yet.

Ergonomics & User Interface

We can already see it by paying attention to previous photos: the site is really good in terms of design and ergonomics. The company puts lots of effort in the user experience to offer the customer an easy to use yet enjoyable service. Buttons, hyperlinks, drop-down menus,  image quality are really high and everything is well-designed.

The community

On the community side, Wirehive is present on both social networks – Facebook and Twitter. Followed by approximately 1,700 people and a strong daily activity, the company is doing well, also on Twitter. Despite this strong activity and a multiple services offered, Wirehive does not seem to get involved on social networks – only 500 “like” on Facebook. The company does not seem to be present on Discord either. However, there is a section providing the means to contact the company – address, phone, email, etc …


One of the biggest strengths of this company lies in its multitude of collaborations, especially with large groups such as Dell or Vodafone.


Wirehive has been around for a while, and its very focused on the cloud, big data and new technologies as a whole. With many projects, this company has little impact on social networks. Their website as the content is outstandingly good and it makes you want to know more.

For Masternodes, there is only little information as the project is under development. One could blame the fact that it is only a very small part of their service, where other competitors are much more specialized. The company, however, puts forward the Dash which is a Masternode of confidence.

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