Zednode What you have to know about this service

Global Presentation of Zednode

Main information

Zednode is a Masternodes hosting service. Like many of its competitors, the site presents the goal in the foreground, as well as the possibility for the investor interested to register. It is built through a well-designed and clean homepage. The sections – 6 in number – provide access to the FAQ, the Masternode service, the Slack network and some additional information.

However, since the site does not mention any information regarding the identity of the project – history, members of the project, date of creation, etc…

Business model

Masternode offered and the type of service

Zednode offers Masternodes hosting services for several currencies:

  • Zcoin
  • Dash
  • PivX
  • Smartcash
  • Innova
  • Syscoin
  • Zoin
  • Ghostnodes
  • Tezos Baking


The visitors can find the rates easily on the homepage. A bargain when you compare that with some competitors. The payment system is very simple: monthly payments with a discount depending on the number of months of membership.

Ergonomics & User Interface

After the first view on the site, the reaction is unanimous: the site is beautiful! The background as the shape is nice and the colors are very well arranged. The home page presents in a clear and easy to get all the basic information on the services of the company.

Small issue on the other side because the list of available Masternodes could have been a little more worked. No logo, the currencies are presented to us as a simple listing.

The community

Zednode is slightly different from its competitors by providing on the site, consumer reviews from Twitter. Nevertheless, the project makes no mention of other social networks.

Slack: Zednode does well by giving site visitors the chance to join the Slack project workspace. A good thing, which has the merit of being unconventional.

Facebook: we could not find a Facebook page.

Twitter: without being too influential, the company has a Twitter account. With 133 followers for 29 tweets Zednode is not among the biggest influencers of the middle Masternodes. On the other hand, it has the merit of being regularly active.

Discord: Like Facebook, Zednode does not seem to present a Channel Discord for his community.

Telegram: Zednode is also present on the emerging Telegram chat with around 60 members.


Despite a varied and attractive Masternode offer, Zednode leaves us however on a note of bitterness regarding several domains. The site does not provide us with essential information such as project members or company history. Zednode, while making the effort to invite us to Slack, has no mention of their community or their social networks – except for some hand-picked Twitter screens. In conclusion, the website is very well thought out in terms of design and interface. Masternode offers are correct, but the decisive deficiency of data does not allow Zednode to be, in our opinion, at the top of the ranking.

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