StakingLab Why is it a good choice, or why it isn’t?

Global Presentation of StakingLab

Main information

The StakingLab site has an “About us” section. We can find the following information: date of creation of the company and implementation. However the rest of the section briefly presents the ambition of the project without going into details.

We find all the information necessary for the investment for the customer through a single page with the following information: Coins, About Us, Masternodes, FAQ, Contact, User Manual, My Account.

Finally, the site have a video presenting all the available services and the procedure to access them.

Business model

Type of service

The project aims to provide a Shared Masternodes service. The latter highlights 9 different Masternodes: Alqo, Coin APR, Blocknode, Condominium, Deviant Coin, GINCoin, Coin Ignition, LightPayCoin, PIVX.

There is also a Staking Pool Coins service with the following cryptocurrencies: Condensate Rain, Impleum and Peony.

We thus find a service of varied Masternode, but which does not propose a project well known and healthy like the Dash.

Masternode offered

StakingLab offers 9 different Masternodes. The site highlights the different cryptos with a short summary explaining the project as well as some of their benefits.

The site also puts at the beginning of the page a general classification of Masternodes that it proposes with the price BTC, USD and a heading of information.


Pricing – although complicated to locate on the site – presents the following information:

  • 3% fee for each reward
  • 0.1 % withdrawal fee

Ergonomics & User Interface

The design of the page is quite well thought, but lacks clarity in some dimensions, making access to the essentials sometimes complicated if not impossible.

With a single web page on the site, like a scrolling text, each section refers us to a specific location of the latter. Colors, like ergonomics are well worked and return a picture of clean design. However, some provisions make difficult to access some informations. For example some buttons like access to the support and the community is not highlighted and refers us to the site – surely a present option but not developed.

The community

On the community and social media side, the company focuses on emerging vocal chat: Discord. All by offering the classic social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Regarding Discord, voice chat is very active: 5,160 members currently with 1,000 members constantly active. On Facebook the few visitor can find daily posts.  Moreover the rating tells us little about the returns of the project – only 3 votes with a score of 4.3 out of 5. We can say, the Twitter account is pretty active with the 2,000 followers and 440 tweets. now 1 year old, it is active every day. Finally, on the Instagram account the approximately 1.000 followers can find 63 photos.


In summary, StakingLab is a project that offers a varied but low quality Shared Masternode service as a whole. This is justified by the existence of 9 Masternodes but none really healthy and democratized like the Dash.

In terms of design, the site is refined and built so as not to need to change pages. However, to find for example pricing is not well thought, for the visitors access is complicated at first glance.

Finally, the project is supported by a large community: 5,000 Discord members, 2,000 Twitter followers, 1,000 Instagram followers and 250 Facebook subscribers. Posts are numerous regardless of the network. Small negative point regarding the rating on Facebook: only 3 votes for 200 followers, it says little about customer satisfaction.

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